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Writer’s Block

Jenn, our children's librarian

I am suffering from writer’s block.

There are probably a dozen things I can write about for this post, but none of them are inspiring me to write about them. Things are very busy at the library with school visits and summer preparation. Things are busy at home with spring cleaning and events to attend. My mind is being pulled in many directions and refuses to focus on one thing.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever felt that your mind is too divided to focus on one task? That is exactly how I am feeling right now. Things are getting done, we have all of the prizes for the summer and I am reorganizing rooms at home. But it takes all my energy to focus on getting one task done which is why I think I’m having writer’s block. I keep thinking about all the others things I could be doing instead of what I am working on.

I need to put my coping skills for stress in to place.

Step 1: I need to update my To Do lists, one at work and one at home, to keep me focused on what really needs to be done.

Step 2: I need to listen to soothing music to calm me and keep my breathing steady.

Step 3: I need to practice my yoga and use breathing techniques to keep me relaxed.

After all that, I should be focused enough to get more things off of those long To Do Lists.


How do you refocus when you feel stress? We have many books at the library on meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other topics.

If you need help finding a book that might work for you, stop in or give us a call.


Miss Jenn