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Winter or Spring, All Seasons are Right for E-Resources

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I’m a little disappointed in Punxsutawney Phil (and this is saying a lot, as I’m a big Phil-fan.) The famous groundhog is calling for an early spring this year, and I’m a bit disappointed that he might be right. I know we’ve had one blizzard, and it was certainly one for the record books, but I can’t help wishing we’d have just a couple more snowy days—they’re the ideal excuse to find yourself ensconced in a cozy corner with heaps of blankets, some cocoa, and lots of library materials.

Since I’m already here in the library, it’s a little easier for me to stock up before a snowstorm than it might be for you. I know that with all of the last minute running around before snow starts to stick, you might really want to stop by the library to pick up some books or DVDs, but you might not be able to stop in the building.

If that’s the scenario you find yourself in, don’t forget that if you’ve got an e-reader, tablet, a computer, and/or an mp3 player or smartphone, you can access thousands of titles from the ease and comfort of your home via our elibrary resources.

Visit Overdrive through our web site at udpl.org for e-books and e-audio books. All you need is your library card number to get started. And, as an extra bonus for UD residents, we’ve been buying extra copies of the hottest books, so make sure you log in with that library card so you can see all of the titles that are available exclusively for UD residents.

Not sure you want to invest the time in a novel? Get set up on Zinio, our online digital magazine service. Whether it’s Better Homes and Gardens or The Economist, Zinio is chock-full of titles that will get you through a wintry afternoon.

If it’s a really big storm, and you start feeling stir crazy, you could even get hyper productive and work on learning a language through our awesome Mango Languages service or research some stocks through our online subscription to Morningstar.
And if our furry weather predicting friend is correct, I guess I’ll look to the bright side and realize that I can find a cozy corner in my yard, a park, or anywhere, since I can take these e-resources any place, any time! It’s a win-win, although I still plan to bet against Phil, just this one time.