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Where Have all the New Books Gone?

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Are you looking for the latest bestseller at the library but can’t find it? Wondering why the latest Wowbrary newsletter featuring new items had so few print books? You may have heard about supply chain issues and labor shortages causing trouble for holiday shoppers this season. But maybe you didn’t know that this would affect your local library too.

Our library buys books from a book vendor, Baker & Taylor. They’ve been frank with their library customers, alerting them that libraries may not receive the books they want, when they want them, due to the supply chain issues and labor shortages affecting many industries. This article from Vox explains more about how these issues are affecting the book industry. Demand is way up, and supplies are way down.

Fiction Shelves

Just one section of books waiting to be read at our library!

We are doing everything within our efforts to get new books to you; however, we may not be able to get them as quickly as usual. I can hear you asking, “But what will I read?!?” Never fear! We have thousands of other books that are just waiting for you to discover them. Our backlist of books is vast – from long-ago bestsellers and award winners to lesser-known authors begging for your attention. And we still have several shelves stocked with books published in the last 6 months to satisfy your craving for the latest and greatest.

Here are some fun ideas for finding your next read while you wait for the latest releases to arrive:

Thanks for your patience and we hope to see you browsing our shelves soon!