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What’s the Future of Public Libraries?

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Good, I’ve got your attention. I confess I don’t know the exact answer to my title question. But, as the Director, it’s definitely the question that guides all of my thinking. I believe so strongly in the unique value of public libraries as a place (physical or virtual) where people can freely share in an infinite wealth of knowledge, from books, movies and other resources to that shared by library staff and residents. The United States’ system of public libraries is truly a beautiful thing and vital to an informed nation.

And while I can’t tell you exactly what the future of public libraries is, I can give you an idea of where the UDPL is headed by sharing with you our latest strategic plan, UDPL Reimagined 2015-2017. A strategic plan sounds pretty fancy, but it’s really just an organized and documented way of identifying our goals (and how we plan to achieve them) for the next few years.

“As its name suggests, this latest strategic plan reimagines the UDPL, what it means to be a library in the digital age, for the next generation, and the role of library staff as their responsibilities shift more and more from navigating print to digital. Additionally, the plan considers the role of the UDPL as the “community’s university.” The UDPL delivers equal opportunity education for all; resources for self-directed education; research assistance & instruction presented by knowledgeable librarians; and instructive and enlightening experiences through a diverse curriculum of classes, workshops and events. UDPL Reimagined 2015-2017 aims to build upon the UDPL’s past successes and to continue to make advancements that respond to the changing world around us.”

© Sherry Tetens Long | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Sherry Tetens Long | Dreamstime Stock Photos

This is our most ambitious strategic plan yet, and I can’t say that I know exactly how successfully we will achieve every goal. Determining how to define success is a challenge unto itself. However, I know that the knowledgeable and hardworking library staff I get the privilege to work with every day are always thinking creatively and about what’s best for the community we serve.

If you would like to share any constructive thoughts you have about UDPL Reimagined 2015-2017, I’d be interested to hear what you think about our plans. Simply fill in the form on the Contact page of our website and submit to the Director (Department).

Thanks for reading!