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What’s all the hoopla About?

I don’t know if you are like me and overwhelmed with the whole “cutting the cord” thing. I looked into it. And by looked into it I mean I  consolidated months of online and anecdotal research about streaming platforms and wireless antennas into an honors-like thesis which I proudly presented to my better half. He glanced at it and said, “Eh. Let’s just stick with our current cable provider.”

During my research I discovered, as my fellow TV viewers already know, that many cable channels have jumped on the streaming bandwagon and now have some content only available on their subscription streaming platforms. Yes! I’m speaking to you PBS Masterpiece & Starz! Just as I was getting disgusted with it all I discovered that hoopladigital the platform I use, (besides Overdrive aka Libby), to check out audio-books now has European shows from the Acorn Channel and MHZ Networks. If you don’t know what these are – sit back and let me tell you.

In previous blogs I have mentioned that I’m a huge fan of European detective series; be they the cozy mysteries of the English countryside or the Nordic Noirs of frozen Scandinavia. Acorn and MHZ satisfy both of these loves. Acorn TV is a streaming service with mainly UK shows while MHZ Networks describe themselves as providing “top-quality international television programming to American audiences.” With my Upper Dublin library card I can now check out many of their shows via hoopladigital. Like other eLibrary check outs, they check themselves back in when they are due. The other  advantage to watching hoopladigital TV series, besides that they are free of course, is that there are no waiting lists and you can, like Netflix, download  episodes to your device. This is especially helpful if you are traveling. One of the European programming websites I follow, told you I was serious, recently shared this list of European content available on hoopla.

When I should be busy doing other things like taxes or cleaning my house I have successfully worked my way through 7 seasons of Vera, an Acorn show about a loveable, misanthropic female detective in Northumberland and MHZ’s Inspector Montalbano, based on my favorite Italian mystery writer Andrea Camilleri’s series about a very grumpy, Sicilian detective. Like Vera, Montalbano is filmed in situ so the scenery is breathtaking.

If you haven’t tried hoopla yet- what are you waiting for?! Get started today to enjoy free eBooks, audiobooks, TV shows, movies & music with your Upper Dublin Library card.