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This Golden Rules

15135990_10210995086258158_7618155996510791381_nDread. That was the feeling I had when I saw the reminder email that it was my turn to blog this week. I don’t mind blogging when I’m inspired but this week I wasn’t feeling so inspired. That is until I woke up today and realized it’s my Golden Retriever Winston’s 2nd birthday. I know I know. Believe me when I tell you that I am not ONE of those people. I will not talk to you about my dog like it’s my child. I will not buy it clothes or make it birthday cakes, but I thought since one of my very first blogs was about my conversion as one who judged those people to well… a dog lover I might as well write about Winston today. To clarify I am a Golden Retriever lover and the object of my affection is one adorable, dopey, loving two year old named Winston.

I will bring you back 2 and half years ago when my husband and I almost came to fisticuffs about getting a dog. A friend’s Golden was having a litter and my husband wanted several. Several?! With teens who can now pretty much take care of themselves the last thing I wanted was a herd of dogs in my house. After many arguments we brought home ONE puppy. I don’t even know why he fought me on this. It’s like when choosing tile or paint color – I will always win. It took less than 24 hours of having that little ball of warm fluff snuggle in my arms that I was toast! All my rules flew out the window. The no dogs on the bed has turned into begging him to stay on the bed. The no dogs on the couch has turned into buying a blanket just to cover the couch. Sweeping up the tumble weeds of dog hair has become a daily chore and I really don’t mind.

I still don’t talk to him in baby talk (unless no one is around to hear me) or feed him from the table – I fling it across the room in the hopes it will land in his bowl. I’m not going to spoil him for God’s sake!  Happy Birthday Winston!