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The Martian

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So…you may have figured out that we blog on a schedule and I have every other Monday. I had something else planned for this post, martianreally, but that was before The Martian by Andy Weir ate my brain.

Mark Watney is one of of six astronauts doing a manned mission on Mars. They’re only six days into the mission when a dust storm arrives and an emergency evacuation is called. In the chaos of the evacuation, Mark gets hit by flying debris. When he wakes up, he discovers that he’s alone…on Mars…with the next possible rescue mission four years away.

You wouldn’t think something that drips science would be a thrilling read, but that’s exactly what The Martian is. A roller-coaster of a ride with a surprisingly large dose of humor!

My biggest problem with the book is that my dinner hour is over and I have to wait FOUR HOURS before I can read the ending. If you see me huddled under my desk reading a couple more pages, don’t tell anyone, ok?