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Glitter beardsI am about to show my age. Here goes…. What is up with beards these days? I just don’t get it. Seemingly attractive young men are sporting giant, bushy lumber jack beards. Some dandy them up with oils, constant coiffing and even adornments. Did it start with the ball players with their facial hair last seen on Civil War generals? All of a sudden every flannel clad hipster swilling artisanal iced cocktails is sporting a beard that only rivals Rasputin’s. Seriously, Google beards or better yet go on Pinterest and search beards. There are hundreds, even thousands of images of beards, how to take care of your beard, beard diagrams… even glitter beards.

If you have a friend or loved one who has decided to bridge the gap between past and present with their facial hair there is a wonderland of ZG Beardproducts you can gift them: beard combs, brushes, washes, oils, jewelry, beads and balms. My favorite is the Recycled Skateboard Beard Comb or the West Virginia Coal Beard Oil, thankfully without a trace of coal in hemingway_karshthe ingredients list.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not anti-beard.  I’ll take a literary beard any day – Hemingway, DH Lawrence, a poetic beard – Whitman, a scientific beard Freud, Darwin, a fictional beard like Hagrid’s or Gandalf’s, even a comedic beard as seen on Zach Galifianakis.

Who knows… maybe they’ll grow on me.