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Take a Virtual Tour of the New UDPL!

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As we get closer and closer to the library move to its new location, 520 Virginia Drive is starting to look more like a library. But with the work crews, equipment, and scaffolding filling up most of the space, it’s still difficult to picture what everything is going to look when construction is completed. Luckily the team at Godshall Kane O’Rourke Architects have tools to help us “see” what the library is going to look like!

They created this video which allows you to virtually “walk” through the new library on your computer, tablet, or phone! You can visit the second floor Great Hall or take a peek at the Children’s Library. You can even see where much of the furniture will be placed, so you can start thinking about where you’d like to sit and read a book!

Construction Update IconWe’ve also created a new category of information in the Library News section of the library. Whenever you see this icon, the post will contain information specifically about what’s happening with the construction of the new building. Check back often for new photos and updates!