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Searching for a wifi signal? You can find one in the library’s parking lot!

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It’s fair to say that we are living in unprecedented times where we’re finding it tricky to do some of the most mundane tasks. Things we are used to doing quickly and easily like grocery shopping or talking with our neighbors, have become much more difficult. But even though we aren’t doing things exactly as we used to, UDPL is still striving to offer the best possible services to the Upper Dublin Community that we can.

One of these services includes wifi access. In March, the American Library Association (ALA)’s executive board released the following statement:

“We are painfully aware that America’s 16,557 public library locations are essential nodes in our nation’s digital safety net—connecting people with no-fee access to computers and the internet, lending internet hotspots and devices, and providing digital literacy training and expansive learning and enrichment digital collections for all ages. The COVID-19 Pandemic is disrupting this safety net and spotlighting the persistent digital gaps for more than 20 million people in the United States, including millions of school-age children and college students forced out of classrooms and many more workers also displaced.

Libraries can and should leave their WiFi networks on even when their buildings are closed wherever possible. […] In these unprecedented times, we should take whatever steps we can to leverage our resources to maximize benefit to our communities.”

UDPL, with the support of Upper Dublin Township, has answered this call to provide wifi access by making sure that you can connect your devices to the library’s wifi from the safety of your vehicle.

Wireless access in the parking lot is available with above average to good signal in the first six spots as well as from the handicapped parking spots.  An excellent signal can be reached by the bench at the front door. The wifi network is advertised as ‘UDPL’ and does not require a password to join the network.

We do ask that if you use the wifi in our parking lot that you follow all social distancing guidelines for your own safety as well as the safety of others.

We hope that the wifi signal in the parking lot will help keep you connected until we are all able to walk back through the library’s front door!