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Previously Recorded Programs at UDPL

Financial Aid 101

Originally presented June 29, 2022

Description:  During this program, you will find out how to apply for financial aid for college, what types of financial aid are available and what happens after you apply.

Healing from the Tornado: Community Healing for Helpers

Originally presented on February 10, 2022 

Description: Presented by Upper Dublin Mental Health First Aid. The tornado associated with Hurricane Ida ripped through our neighborhoods and left our landscapes and lives changed in its wake. After trees are removed, houses begin repairs and school and work re-stabilize, you may notice that there are still emotional scars that have yet to heal. You are doing amazing work to help the community through an unprecedented time. You connected with the community and played an important role in its healing. You also saw tragedy and pain firsthand. Although there is beauty in the power of giving back, it can also be overwhelming to take in countless stories and images of devastation. If you find it difficult to shift away from those memories, are feeling emotionally fatigued or angry, or lost a sense of purpose, please come join us to learn about vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. What are they? How do they affect us? What can we do?

Healing from the Tornado: Community Healing for Helpers – PDF of presentation slides with embedded links

The Art of Terezin: Art and Faith in the Midst of the Holocaust

Originally presented January 27, 2022

Description: Honoring Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, Rev. Rick Sivers will share the history the Terezin concentration camp, the talented artists imprisoned there, and the art they created to transcend Nazi oppression. The Terezin concentration camp held several musicians, artists and writers who continued to compose, create, and write as a remedy to their suffering. But that art was eventually co-opted by the Nazis as propaganda to showcase concentration camps as cultural hubs where Jews were “flourishing.”

Rev. Sivers became friends with two Holocaust survivors whose life work was to collect artwork from the Terezin camp. He met them while serving as president of the Oswego Opera Theater Board of Directors, during the year when the Theater presented the most famous piece to come from Terezin, Hans Krasa’s “Brundibar.” This children’s opera was performed at Terezin in 1944 for the Red Cross during an inspection of the camp. Rev. Sivers’ presentation will include photos and a talk about the history of Terezin and its surviving art.

Getting Started with eBooks & Libby

Originally presented January 18, 2022

Description:  Want to get started with e-books but don’t know how? Or maybe you already use the free Libby app but don’t know all the features? An expert from OverDrive will give a live demo on using Libby, the one-tap reading app that gives you access to thousands of free e-books and audiobooks with your library card.

New to Libby? Join us to learn Libby Basics. This basics tutorial will get you up to speed on everything you need to know to get started with Libby, including: signing in, navigating the app, browsing and searching for titles, borrowing titles and placing holds, and more.

Want to learn the experts’ favorite tips and tricks? Join us  for the Libby Deep Dive session, where OverDrive experts will show you how to get even more out of our Digital Collection.

Healing from the Tornado: Adult Resilience & Recovery

Originally presented December 16, 2021

Description: Do you find yourself nervous every time the forecast calls for a storm? Do you feel okay during the day but cannot quiet your brain at night? Are you experiencing increased worry or irritability and are not sure why? Please join us for an information session to help learn how these responses and more are typical ways our brains and bodies react to trauma. You will also learn strategies of how to cope with these thoughts and feelings.

Healing from the Tornado: Adult Resilience & Recovery –  PDF of Slides with Embedded Links

How the Nervous System Responds to Trauma PDF

Window of Tolerance PDF

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Originally presented December 18, 2021

Description: On December 25th, 1776, George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River near Trenton, New Jersey for a surprise attack during the Revolutionary War. Join local historian Jim Segrave-Daly for a lively discussion of one of the most pivotal moments in American history. From the reading of Thomas Paine’s American Crisis to the troops, the dangers & the Battles of Trenton & Princeton, we’ll uncover why George Washington’s plans saved the American cause in the Revolution.

Medicare 101

Originally presented November 15, 2021

Description: This introduction to Medicare includes detailed information about Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Part D, various rules and regulations surrounding Medicare and assistance programs.

Healing from the Tornado: Parenting and Child Wellness

Originally presented November 11, 2021

Description: Have your children presented new fears? Are they more clingy than typical? Are they struggling in school or exhibiting new concerning behaviors? Are you worried about facing the holidays? Often kids express their distress through behaviors rather than words. Please join us to learn about ways in which kids can exhibit reactions to trauma and how to support them. You will learn strategies of how to help them process their feelings and gain resilience and a sense of control.

Healing from the Tornado: Parenting and Child Wellness – PDF of presentation slides with embedded links

Art Worksop: Maple Leaf Drawing

Originally presented October 13, 2021

Description: Guided by artist Anita Thompson, learn to draw a realistic maple leaf using colored pencils. No art experience necessary!

SAT & ACT Strategy Session

Originally presented August 12, 2021

Description: This strategy session will go over what “test-optional” really means in the college admissions process, the different components of both the SAT and ACT, and specific test-taking strategies.

College Admission Trends Today

Originally presented June 22, 2021

Description: Applying for college soon? This workshop expands on Guidance Counselors’ expertise by helping students take ownership of the application process, giving them more detailed information on successfully “marketing” themselves to their college of choice. Topics include: high school curriculum, importance of extracurricular activities, creating an impactful resume, writing powerful essays that get noticed by Admission Committees, consequences of social media and more!

Flat Stanley Visits Upper Dublin Library

Originally presented March 17, 2021

Description:  Flat Stanley was sent from Clay Elementary School in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Flat Stanley learned about the history of Fort Washington and Upper Dublin as well as what happens behind the scenes at Upper Dublin Library. We hope you enjoy hearing about his adventure!

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