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My thoughts on Reading in 2015

Jenn, our children's librarian

I had another post planned for today, but because of circumstances beyond my control, I can’t share it with you. I was planning on this post in a few weeks, when I have time to think about the year as whole. I’ll post on this topic again, it’ll be much better than this one.


Part 1: How do track your reading?

This is an introduction to a story I promised to tell you about, and I will, just not right now. I write down all the books I read, minus picture books, easy readers, and anything that takes less than 20 minutes to read. I write them all in a notebook, here is what a typical entry looks like (with explanation):

9/10/15 (the date I finished the book) Circus Mirandus (title, no I don’t write in italics) – Cassie Beasley

-fantasy (genre), Micah’s dying grandpa talks about magical circus (short blurb to help me remember the book), very well done (what I thought in generic terms), loved it (I really liked this one.), would recommend (if I think kids would like it), 3rd-6th (grades I would recommend it to)


I also gave this book a star, sometimes they get put on award watch (when I think they might win something).

I’ll tell you more about my notebooks in another blog, it’s a good story. Boring, but good.



Part 2: Trends in books this year?

There were more trends than this one, but it’s the easiest one to pick out: NINJAS!!! Ninjas are everywhere in picture books. They are ninja grandmothers, ninjas at a daycare, Santa even got in on this one. The trend will probably fade in the next six months and it’s already being replaced by YETIS!!!! Yes, yetis are invading our picture books.



Part 3: You read how many books?

I had to lower my expectations on book count this year, with a new job, moving, family fun, and actual vacations. It was not a tough choice, I’d rather play with my nieces and nephews than read a book (usually I read to them, but they are picture books and don’t count). I only read 163 books this year, a number down from over 200 last year. I read fast, not as fast as some, and read every chance I get. I read at lunch, riding in the car, while watching TV, and every night before bed. It’s important to me as a librarian and as Jennifer to read. I read mostly children’s books, but I also read teen books and adult books.



Part 4: What about 2016?

I will keep my goal at 150 books read for next year, striving to surpass the number again. I decided to spice things up a bit and take a reading challenge. Popsugar posted a simple reading challenge on their site and I am going to go for it. It’s only 40 books and they give you ideas, not titles, to check off. There is no order, but I can be strict on myself and will go in order. The first book needs to be based on a fairy tale, easy I’ve read lots of those. I’m looking forward to this, it’s a chance to broaden my horizons and read something I would never pick up on my own. Do you want to join me?

Link to Reading challenge sheet.



I’ll try to remember and update you as the year goes by. Let me know how your reading year is going. See you next year!!!