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My Last Blog Post of the Year and I Have Nothing Insightful to Say

Jenn, our children's librarian

Sigh… isn’t that always the way. I go through periods where I am equal with the greatest thinkers of all time and then I have to write something down and I can’t think of a single thing to say. You’ll just have to settle for some random thoughts:

#1 I won’t finish my reading challenge and I’m surprisingly okay with that.

            I have six books left on the list and I know I won’t read them all by the end of the year. I would normally be very upset by this, but this year I’m not. I will finish the challenge, sometime in the year 2017 and I will be proud of myself. I didn’t do too shabby, I did read 35 books for the list and another 120 books for pleasure. I will meet my goal of 150 books read for the year and that is the number that I care more about.

#2 I got married!!!!!

            It was a lovely ceremony and a fun reception. I married my best friend and an amazing guy, I’m very lucky to have found him. Come by my office in the next few weeks and I’ll have pictures of the wedding on my door. As one of my favorite patrons needed to know, my new last name is Roberts (I still have to legally change it, I’ll keep you updated). Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I love my job and all of you way too much to do that.

#3 We all need to teach our children kindness.

            I will not tell you how I feel politically and you do not have to share your opinion either (one of the great things about our country). But, this year saw protests, political outcries, and pain for many people. We need to teach our children to love all and respect all. I’m here for all of you and I have a great booklist for young children on kindness that I am happy to share. I give you my hugs and my warm smile and the promise that I will love all your children.

#4 This year went by so fast!

            Oh my goodness! I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but time is flying by. I am actively trying to slow myself down and appreciate what is happening around me. I also need to get more done and stop being lazy at home, but that’s another story. Anyone else feel this way?

#5 I’m rediscovering one of my passions.

            This year I found a community theater in Philadelphia to join; I need this! I am a creative person and have to use my talents or I start to get depressed, so my husband and I joined a theater. If I am lucky enough to get cast in a show, I will tell you all. Very excited to start this new adventure.

#6 Time to come up with some resolutions.

            I didn’t have any last year and I’d like to have at least one this year. I’ll keep you posted.


Signing off for 2016, may 2017 be filled with love, laughter, and good health!

Miss Jenn