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Jenn, our children's librarian

This month we had a special program that brought back quite a few memories. The program was a Toddler Drive-In, the kids decorated boxes, sat in them, and watched three short movies (it was a triple feature). It was an adorable program.

toddler drive-in toddler drive-in2

As I think about the program I am reminded of some childhood memories of visiting the drive-in movie theater. I remember piling into the car with our snacks, in our pajamas of course, and driving the car to the theater. We made sure to park close, but not too close, and then we put the speaker in the window. I know my sisters and I fell asleep before the movies ended, but it didn’t matter.

There aren’t many drive-ins left and last year there was almost one less. My hometown is privileged to house a lovely drive-in theater with very nice owners. Last summer a windstorm came through Oswego County, NY and destroyed the Midway Drive-In’s screen. The theater has been in business for 67 years and the owners thought last year would be it. They didn’t have the thousands of dollars to buy a new screen and announced the closure of the drive-in. Fortunately, the community didn’t accept the announcement. Fundraising began in earnest and within two months a new screen was installed and they re-opened.

Why does this story mean so much to me?

  • I lived less than five miles from the Midway Drive-In and saw many movies there.
  • They allowed my father to preach at the drive-in on one Sunday a year, so cool.
  • They are a landmark in the area.
  • Places and experiences like going to a drive-in theater are getting harder to find.

We show a movie in the park each spring, and while it’s not quite the same, it is still a fun time. If you go on a road trip, see if you can find a drive-in movie theater to visit. What movie going childhood memories do you have?