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Although he's been dethroned as everyone's favorite children's book & tv character by the likes of Paw Patrol and PJ Masks, few characters hold the same place in a librarian's heart as Arthur Read, Marc Brown's lovable aardvark. In one of the single greatest musical moments of 90s television, Arthur and his friends from Elmwood City stage

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Libraries are a place where you can ask questions and get answers. We get questions that range from “What’s the phone number for Reader’s Digest?” to “Why do we still have Daylight Savings Time?”. At UDPL the library staff prides itself on find the right answers. If we don’t know the answer, we will hunt it down!

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As we get closer and closer to the library move to its new location, 520 Virginia Drive is starting to look more like a library. But with the work crews, equipment, and scaffolding filling up most of the space, it's still difficult to picture what everything is going to look when construction is completed. Luckily the team at

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If you spend any time on the UDPL website, our social media sites, or any of the 24/7 digital resources that we offer, you may have noticed that UDPL has gotten a new logo! Although the old logo served us very well for a long time, we think the new logo is just the thing to bring us

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The next time you approach the front desk to check out library items, you'll undoubtedly notice something new. We have just received and set-up a new self-check kiosk to help you more easily check out items on their own without needed staff assistance. Here's a quick tour that highlights some of the features of this new self-check! Here's

The Mystery of the Mysteries

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You may have noticed that books are beginning to shift in the Library as we prepare our collections for the upcoming move to our new Library in the spring. Please pardon our appearance, and be sure to ask a staff member if you are unable to find a title. In particular, you will lately notice that we are interfiling

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Ever since we began the conversation about the new Library @ 520, we've talked about it being a place that belongs to the entire community. Creating such a space requires the helping hands of many people, but none are so hard working as Upper Dublin Public Works director Chris Kunkel and his crews! One of their current projects

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Happy New Year! Eagle-eyed library patrons may have already noticed that there have been a couple changes to the UDPL website. One of them has been to change our library blog over to a new section we're calling Library News. We are busy preparing for our upcoming move to our new location, and a part of that is making

Jenn, our children's librarian

It is that time of year again when I reflect on all the books I have read. I did not reach my goal of 150 books, but I had quite a bit going on this year and refuse to be upset by it. I finished the year with 135 books read, which is not too shabby. As

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So, as we're all aware, all good things must come to an end eventually. After 13 years, it's come to that time for me- I am retiring effective Tuesday, December 31st. I have to admit I have very mixed feelings about this, so for your amusement here's a "Kay's retirement FAQ" summarizing many of the conversations I've