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It’s Me…Again

Jenn, our children's librarian

I thought selecting a topic for my first post was difficult, nope, it’s harder to choose for my second post. I wanted to write about programming in libraries and what our (or maybe just my) goals are for you, our amazing patrons. The idea for this was sparked when one of my co-workers commented on the picture that accompanies my blog posts on the website. She mentioned how it looked like I was wearing a fancy cuff or boa around my neck, well she wasn’t quite accurate as to what I am wearing in the picture. I am wearing a boa, but it’s a boa constrictor not one that would have feathers on it. It got me thinking, what would someone say if they knew that picture was taken at a library program? Aren’t library programs about books and education?

In part, yes, I want every child and parent who attend my programs to walk away with more knowledge than they came in with and a pile of books, but what does that look like? In every program I plan and storytime I create, I ask myself: “What is being taught/learned?” Most of the time it’s obvious, like in storytime we discuss new concepts and build on knowledge. In LEGO Club, the children are learning problem solving skills and improving their social skills. Sometimes the connections are harder to make, but they are there.

As a child I went to the library to see a magician perform and I was inspired enough to became a magician after watching his show. I checked out magic books from the library and convinced my parents I was serious enough to get a magic kit, which they did buy me. My father was my assistant and we performed together. I might not have grown up to be a magician; if requested I still can prepare some magic tricks for an event, but the experience gave me confidence and improved my dexterity and motor skills. Even something as entertaining as a magic show gave me knowledge. I would love if every child who came to the programs, left with an armful of books. That can’t happen all the time, so I settle for the knowledge and inspiration they leave with.

I could talk on and on about programming and what it can offer and I’m sure after a few minutes you might get bored. I’ll leave you with this (and a the whole picture with the snake); librarians don’t just sit around talking about books, even though that is one of our favorite things to do, we educate and try to make our community a better place. Join us, learn a new skill (you will have to try out the new STEAM Lab), laugh, smile as a child discovers a new world, and be a better you. We’re about you!


Okay, I admit it, that last bit was a smidgen corny. You get the idea though. As a side note, no I was not afraid of the snake until she started hissing in my ear. Who knows what you’ll see the next time you visit us.


Hmmm, now what shall I write about next……