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I wanted to write something profound and full of meaning, but…

Jenn, our children's librarian

Hello all, how are you? I am doing okay. We are still very busy with programs and summer readers. Did you know you can still sign-up for the Summer Reading Club (this week’s prize for kids is a sports rubber duckie)? There are countless families here every day playing and picking out books, movies, and cds.


This morning I was feeling introspective and in the mood to write an amazing blog post. What happened to me? Now I’m lucky to be able to put a complete sentence together! Maybe it has something to do with my long list of tasks that need to be accomplished or that right now I have a headache (unrelated to anyone, just my sinuses). Whatever the cause, I am unable to wax poetic this afternoon.

You might be wondering what I was going to knock your socks off with today? I had a couple ideas, the first was going to tell you all about participating in Summer Reading Clubs growing up and how much they meant to me. How I still have my certificate and log from 2nd grade (the theme that year was ghosts). How reading was something I was really good at and enjoyed no matter where I lived or how I felt. How I understand struggling readers, kids struggling with anything, because I struggled with things too. Don’t negate the power of the small rewards or the recognition that a child earns when they finish a book or read 200 minutes in one week, it means something to them (whether they remember when they turn 40 or not).

My other idea was to write about my upcoming birthday. Today is Molly’s birthday (Happy Birthday Molly!). My birthday is on the 25th of this month and it is a big one, I am turning 40! I am not ashamed or embarrassed by my age, I am proud of it. Not everyone makes it to be 40 and not everyone goes to work at a job they love. I treasure every day, even if I’m not as productive at home as I’d like. I was going to write about how I’ve changed through the years and some of the fun jobs I’ve had and people I’ve met.

Oh well, all you get is another rambling blog post from your local children’s librarian. See you at the library!