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Going on a Popecation

POPE LOVESitting here thinking about what I should blog about and it hit me – the Popepocalypse, Pope-a-palozza, Pope-cation or whatever you are calling Pope Francis’ historic visit to Philadelphia. For months now we have been hearing about road closures, SEPTA Pope passes and the other day in the paper I even saw an article about a “Pope-up” beer garden (is nothing sacred?!)

It has been fascinating watching the 266th Pontiff’s progress from Cuba, through D.C. and New York, eschewing a stretch limo with the Vatican flag for a humbler Fiat. He would probably be appalled by the number of school days children are missing, the disruption to road and rail transportation and the overall manpower hours spent preparing for his visit. I understand Philadelphia has to keep him and the thousands of expected pilgrims safe but it does seem like they went a little overboard. Hopefully it will be a peaceful and calm weekend.

A few co-workers and friends are braving the masses (no pun intended) and journeying downtown with their regional rail “pope passes”. A couple I know who are relatively recent immigrants from South America even have 8th row seats for Sunday’s mass on the Parkway. Everyone I know who has to venture far for work or works downtown is working from home today and some evenpopefiate Monday.

During my “Pope-cation” I plan on working on my much neglected garden, binge watching Netflix (currently I’m toggling between The Fall and Breaking Bad) and sneaking in some reading both on my Kindle and a book. Yes! A real book! I will probably tune in to some of the event coverage and be grateful I am doing so from the safety and comfort of my couch!