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Friends’ Donors

The Friends of UDPL thank all

of our 2016-2017* Donors/Members!

Priscilla and Tony Auriello
Patricia Bassman
Barbara Baughman
Eric and Faye Benshetler
Annette Berecin
Shelley and Alan Bilsky
Linda Breckenridge
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bressler
Susan G. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
Minh and Diana Bui
Jaime and Terri Burke
Marian G. Butcher
Margaret “Pam” Callanan
Joan and Joel Chinitz
Claudia Christopher
The Ciccarone Family
Marlyn Cohen
Marcie and Jeff Cohn
Orianne and William B. Davis
Edward J. and Margaret E. Demeter
Stacey DeMichele
Bette Derr
Bruce Dorsey and Jennie Nerenberg
Greg Doviak
Jeffrey Duberville
Maureen Dunlap
Jill and Dan Emery
The Fiory Family
Gary Fischer
The Fitzmaurice Family
Margot and Alex Forbes
Kevin and Alicia Fortunato
Loretta Fossler
Jan Frohner
Margo and Moshe Gabbay
J.H. Gala
Bryan C. and Audrey J. Gillespie
Kathy J. and Gergory Golazeski
Annette and Jack Gumbrecht
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Gold
Michele Goldberg
Jack and Dorothy Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Graham
The Greco Family
The Grossman Family
Mary Beth Gries
Jim and Donna Gross
Dick and Connie Haggard
Peter Hahn
Patricia and Donald Hallman
The Hamm Family
Kathleen Herron
Linda J. Heyman
The Hiltons
Paul Hintz and Lisa Traynor
Les and Penny Hoeltzel
Debra J. Huffman
Catherine Hunt and Wesley Wolf
JoAnn and John Hunt
Stan and Margaret Hunter
Cecil and Shawna Johnson
Jim and Peg Johnston
Ken and Denise Kaiser
Dr. Karen Kaplan
Grace Karschner
Rena and Jeffrey Katz
Joan and Alan Kober
Mary Jane Koons
Elena Kostyk
Rivka and Doron Kreitman
The Kressman Family
Ken and Sandy Krieg
Babs and Mel Krug
Laurie Laskey and Ted Hordeski
Bruce and Joan Leauby
Polly Leshan
Arlene Lessack and Jordan Lessack
Josh and Shira Levy
Laura and Alan Libove
Tim and Marissa Lieb
Charles and Julie Liggett Family
Robert and Joan Ludwig
Don and Kathi Maring
The Markley Family
Virginia and Gerry Mayer
J. P. McCormick
Patrick and Mary Ann McKendry
Cathy and George Murphy
Joan Heyne Nerenberg
The Ness Family
The Ochs Family
Patrick O’Neill
Dave and Arline Olim
Maureen Palazzo
Jill and Chris Pastore
Suzanne B. Perot
Bob and Yvonne Pesavento
Karen and Bill Petkun
Wendy and Jeffrey Rader
Karen Randall
Bruce and Chris Riegel
The Ringel Family
Karen Roscher
Janet E. Rosen
Lisa Rovner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sarnoski
Rho and John Schmalbach
Bobby Schiller
Jennifer Schneider
Ross Schriftman
Sally and Greg Scott
Ben Serafin
Randi Shamis
Mark and Felise Shellenberger
Randi Leavitt and Robert Silverman
Catherine S. Simon
Nancy W. Skyrm
Gary and Jody Sprague
Ellen Spear
Barbara and Steve Stelzer
Suanne and Harvey Strauss
Jane and Robert Stutz
Shirley Syfert
Pat Taddei
Elaine Thomas
Carol Tilson
The Toth Family
Mary and John Tralie
Gary Turetsky
Dave and Marijean Wade
Bernard and Ellen Walters
Charlie and Jo-Ann Watkins
Randi and Bob Windheim
Robert J. Walters
Douglas J. Waltman, Esquire
Lila M. Windheim
Gail Wolfberg
The Zacharia Family
Margie Zahn
Carla and Joel Zighelboin
A. Sandra Zebe

Anonymous Donors   133

*List represents received donations prior to the date of 3/14/17.

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