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For the Person who has Everything!

space capsuleThe glossy tome otherwise known as the Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book arrived in my mail box earlier this month. For those of you who don’t know Neiman Marcus is famous for outlandishly expensive one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. I mean who doesn’t want a $90,000 ride for you and 5 friends 100,000 above the earth in a “luxury pressurized capsule”? And who doesn’t need a $95,000 limited edition Mustang Convertible or $125,000 worth of “orphaned” bourbon barrels?! Come on now! I know for one I am going to dog ear the page for the $150,000 art tour of Italy with a famous jewelry designer and hope my husband gets the hint! It’s the least could he do after informing me this morning (7 days before Christmas) that he hasn’t done any shopping.

makerbot nmMy favorite among this year’s offerings was found on page 145 – a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. I’m getting it and I don’t even have to buy it. You know why? Because I have one at work. If you’ve been in the Upper Dublin Library lately you must’ve heard the constant hum of the 3D printers in the Teen Area printing out objects from the adult and teen 3D printing programs. I’ve gotten quite used to the constant bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz as the printer creates 3D objects from the ground up. Layering molten plastic into discernable forms. We have had 3D printing programs and open houses and coming this winter will have on-demand 3D printing services available to the public so keep your ears open! Now there is no need to leaf through the Neiman Marcus Christmas book, unless of course you can’t live without that $150,000 custom made Arch Motorcycle & ride experience with Keanu Reeves.