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3. Which printers does UDPL own?

  • Molly Kane
  • Jul. 3, 2015

The first 3D printer purchased for the UDPL STEAM Lab was a Cube. This printer and the filament cartridges needed to run it are no longer being made and is used primarily for demonstration purposes rather than daily printing.

The second 3D printer purchased for the UDPL STEAM Lab is the MakerBot Replicator. This is our “workhorse” printer. The majority of our prints are done on this printer because it has the largest build plate (for larger prints) and is the most consistent quality wise.

The third and fourth 3D printers purchased for the UDPL STEAM Lab are MakerBot Replicator Minis. These printers have identical extruders and print quality to the larger Replicator, but a smaller print plate. These smaller printers are ideal for printing single items as opposed to the Replicator that we often use to print four or more objects at a time.

The fifth 3D printer purchased for the UDPL STEAM Lab is a ToyBox printer. This is our smallest printer and the one we use when we want to do demonstrations in schools or at community events. It’s also the easiest to operate. Prints are sent to this printer with a single click and are generally printed very quickly.



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