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Learn Dungeons & Dragons (Adults 18+)

Jul 10, 2023 to Jul 10, 2023 6 - 8pm

Date: Mondays 7/10-7/31
Time: 6-8p
Age Group: Adults 18+

Location: Board Room – 214

Description: This workshop for adults will be a hands-on learning experience, teaching the ins and outs of 5e Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop role playing game. All levels of experience are welcome, especially beginners! This workshop series will teach character creation, turn-based combat, and roleplaying/story building. No external resources need to be bought, and you are welcome to bring items that you already have.

Instructor: Corey Gross is a Neutral Good Human Bard(English Major)/Artificer(Web Developer) who got into D&D around 2005 or so with 3.5e (after THAC0 but before Advantage/Disadvantage). He has dabbled in 5th Edition, Pathfinder 1E & 2E, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Stars/Worlds Without Number, Mothership, and more. Corey believes that there is plenty of space across the vast planes of the multiverse for everyone to know that a heroic reflection of themselves exists, and that they deserve to see that reflection.

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