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Kathy, our cataloger in a Read poster
So many ideas, so little time. @iinduuu on flickr

So many ideas, so little time. @iinduuu on flickr

I am one of those people who cut through your neighborhood. Now before you get all hot and bothered…I am NOT one of those people who RACE through your neighborhood. On the contrary, I drive slowly. *I* remember what it was like to be a kid playing in the street. I drive through for one of two reasons: traffic and/or to check out landscaping.

I find when roads are all clogged up…I would rather go through the neighborhood. It’s slower, but I am moving and I can see what you are planting…giving me ideas. I see mulch going down (spring and fall) — time to put down mulch! Time to do this, time to do that…next thing I know…I have gotten past the traffic jam. My blood pressure is nice and low and I have great ideas for my property. Sometimes, I just like going through the neighborhood, instead of the ho-hum Main Drag. I really appreciate your landscaping. Thank you!

Have you ever noticed when you are running late…you get all red lights? Yet, when you leave in plenty of time…you get all green lights? What’s with that?

Having said the above, one morning I left late. I knew I was going to be late…so be it. I cut through the neighborhood (slowly). Enjoying the trees, etc. Got out in front of the traffic on Susquehanna and …got every light green! I actually got here on time that morning! So either I looked at a clock incorrectly, or had my stuff together the night before or…because I was cool with being late…I was not!  Personally, I think it was all three.

I find I say Thank You when I get a green light. Don’t know why, just do

Have you ever wondered, after seeing a person with a shopping cart come whizzing out of an aisle without looking or slowing down into “oncoming traffic” — do they drive like that?

Have you ever noticed, when driving down the road at a nice clip, someone pulls out in front of you and goes speed limit or less? Do you get angry? Sometimes, I do, but then I remember a comic strip [Jump Start] from the 90s. Husband and wife driving at a major clip and a car pulls out in front. Of course the husband is super angry. Then you see the car up front. There are two angels inside, the driver saying “Look Martha, we slowed down another one”. I think of that comic strip when this happens to me and let go of any anger inside. This car pulled out in front of me for a reason. Pay attention.

Lastly, you know that white line on the side of the road? Besides indicating it is the edge of the payment, it is also a guide for driving at night. What this?  A State Trooper told me this when I lived in Gettysburg…at night keep you eye on the white line. It will guide you safely and you will not be blinded by the lights of oncoming traffic. I really appreciate that knowledge now that my eyes are well…older.