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Conflict Resolution and Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War (2016): Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.


This weekend, I and my husband went to see Captain America: Civil War. It was wonderful and this will be a spoiler free zone so no plot discussions…however, I came away from it wondering whether maybe the Avengers have gotten too used to using their fists instead of their brains. What’s wrong with a good negotiation session? Maybe using a mediator? I’m not entirely sure who could mediate between Captain America and Iron Man (the Hulk, maybe?) but it still bears thinking of.

So, in that spirit, I went looking for books in our library that might have helped our heroes avoid a lot of broken bones, concussions, contusions, blown up buildings and general property damage.talkingtocrazy

Here’s a book that everyone in the Marvel universe could benefit from:  Talking to crazy : how to deal with the irrational and impossible people in your life by Mark Goulston. “Difficult people can make life hard, but a select few can make it hell. […] You can’t win by just ignoring the craziness or trying to reason with it. But you can stop it cold. Top-ranked psychiatrist and communication expert Mark Goulston shows you exactly how to do that in this life-changing book for everyone trapped in personal or workplace relationships that feel confusing, stressful, or downright hopeless.” Seriously, is this not the perfect book for Captain America or what?

workswellwithothersOr how about this one? Works well with others : an outsider’s guide to shaking hands, shutting up, handling jerks, and other crucial skills in business that no one ever teaches you by Ross McCammon. “Etiquette columnist Ross McCammon delivers a funny and authoritative guide that provides the advice you really need to be confident and authentic at work, even when you have no idea what’s going on. McCammon points out the workplace for what it is: an often absurd landscape of ego and fear guided by social rules that no one ever talks about.” I’m torn on whether this is one for Captain or for Iron Man. Maybe both. I like the concept of eye contact, especially if you watch Tony’s facial expressions during certain key scenes.


Here’s one for poor Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff: Under the bus : how working women are being run over by Caroline Fredrickson. Ok, maybe the bus in this case is literal. I believe I remember some thrown vehicles, but still… Black Widow is one of my favorite characters and I’m kind of sorry she’s too smart to just knock heads together and put everyone in a time-out. Also? She needs her own movie.

bullyatworkAnd finally, here’s one for the good guys to survive the bad guys: The bully at work : what you can do to stop the hurt and reclaim your dignity on the job by Gary Namie and Ruth Namie. “A landmark book that blazed light on one of the business world’s dirtiest secrets, The Bully at Work exposed the destructive, silent epidemic of workplace bullying that devastates the lives, careers, and families of millions. In this completely updated new edition based on an updated survey of workplace issues, the authors explore new grounds of bullying in the 21st century workplace.” Just…yeah.


So, there you have it. Maybe if the Marvel heroes had gone to their local library, they would have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble!


That was amazing!

Dec. 12, 2022
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