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Come by and see our new self-check system!

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The next time you approach the front desk to check out library items, you’ll undoubtedly notice something new. We have just received and set-up a new self-check kiosk to help you more easily check out items on their own without needed staff assistance. Here’s a quick tour that highlights some of the features of this new self-check!

Photo of Self-Check Machine in UDPL

Here’s a view of the new machine. Everything that runs it is contained in a very small footprint. You’ll notice that there are three large buttons on the touchscreen:

  1. Check Out
  2. Account
  3. Renew

Select one of these to start your transaction. But don’t worry, you can do all three actions from any of the buttons, no matter which one you tap first!

Instructions on how to scan library card on self-check at UDPL

Now the machine will tell you how to scan your library card. Just line up the barcode with the red line from the scanner – the same as you would do with our old self-check system.

Photo of the Barcode Scanning Screen on the Self-Check at UDPL

Once you’re into your account, you can start scanning. The biggest change from our old system is that you will NOT see any books you have checked out on an earlier visit on this check out screen. It will be blank and only show you the books you’re checking out today.

Photo of a successfully scanned barcode on the Self-Check at UDPLIf you scan a book successfully, it will turn green, just like the old system. One of the nice things about this new machine is that it is programmed to ONLY scan library barcodes (from UDPL and any of the MCLINC libraries). It will not scan the ISBN barcode (the one you would scan if you were buying the book in a bookstore) so you won’t have any “wrong” scans. When you’ve scanned all of the books you’re checking out, you can tap the DONE button in the lower right hand corner.

The self-check will give you the option of receiving a receipt or not, it’s totally up to you! If you decide you would like a receipt, the machine will print it out for you and you can collect it directly below the screen.

If you come into the library and want to renew a library item, you’ll be able to do that easily from this machine too! Tapping the RENEW button on the front screen will take you to a screen where you can see all of the books checked out on your card:

Renewal screen on the self-check at UDPL

All you need to do from there is tap the box next to the title and then click on the RENEW SELECTED button at the lower right:

How to renew a title on the self-check at UDPL

This will renew the book for you and you’ll be able to print a receipt with the new due date.

And if you ever misplace your due date receipt and want to print a new one for all of the books on your account, you’ll just need to tap the ACCOUNT button on the front page of the self-check OR the GO TO ACCOUNT button in any other screen.

Account Detail Screen on the Self-Check at UDPLFrom here you’ll be able to review the items you have out, what holds you have, and if you have any library fines. You can also tap the PRINT RECEIPT to the left of the screen and this will print a new receipt with the due dates of everything on your account.

The staff at UDPL is hoping that this new machine will make check outs faster, easier, and more convenient. But don’t worry, there will always be actual people there to help you and give a friendly hello every time you approach the desk. We’re not being replaced by robots, we’re just using machines to help us serve you better!