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Molly Kane, Head of Teen Services and Emerging Technologies

Yesterday UDPL held our annual volunteer luncheon. This event allows UDPL to acknowledge and honor all of the hard work of our volunteer force. In 2017, volunteers gave 4281 hours of their skills, talents, and time to the library. Without their hard work, UDPL would not be able to provide the services, programs, and events that make

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One of the best (or worst) things about teaching classes is you occasionally find yourself teaching things you never thought you would do. Last November, I gave a class on necklace & bracelet making using a technique called "stringing." At the end, the class, who had happily made their own piece of jewelry in an hour or

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Following several months of deliberations, the Township Facilities Steering Committee recently shared their recommendations for the repurposing of the Township facilities at 520 Virginia Drive and 801/805 Loch Alsh, the existing Township complex. After considering many factors, the Committee made several recommendations to the Board of Commissioners, including relocating the Library to 520 Virginia Drive as was

Molly Kane, Head of Teen Services and Emerging Technologies

In his retirement, my father has discovered the simple joy of sitting on his front porch and watching the birds that flock to his many bird feeders. Early mornings, regardless of season, find him sitting with his coffee on the white metal chair talking to his "budgies." Last autumn, though, a squirrel moved in and intimidated the

Love is in the…air?

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Scene: the Information Desk. Time: about a year ago. Elderly lady, very well put together with perfect makeup and hair: Excuse me? Do you have love stories here? Me: Yes! What kind of love story do you want? EL: You know.....Love stories with...love...in them. Me (lowering voice): Ok, how do you feel about sex scenes? EL: Oh, yes please. Lots of those. Me:

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Face-to-face communication enables us to live healthier and happier lives. And, those who have it may be living longer for it, says author and psychologist Susan Pinker in her 2015 acclaimed book The Village Effect: How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make us Healthier and Happier. I’ve just finished listening to this fascinating work, which is available to download

I often find myself buying wine by the label. The ratings, legs, bouquet mean nothing to me but put an eye catching label with clever design and I’m sold. It’s the same way with books. Working here I come across many, many books and without fail I check out books by how attractive I find the book

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UDPL’s Museum Pass collection has been extremely popular since we first started lending passes just a few short years ago.  Thanks to the Friends of UDPL, who fund the Museum/Arboreta Pass collection, the library now offers 17 places for you to visit for fun and enriching in-person experiences. Whether it’s learning about dinosaurs at the Academy of Natural

Molly Kane, Head of Teen Services and Emerging Technologies

One of the best things about running UDPL's STEAM Lab is that it acts like a spotlight, drawing amazing people from the community to the library to share their skills and interests. Our Girls Who Code group had the opportunity to talk to Captain Beverley Bass, the US's first commercial airline pilot last month. The UDHS Robotics Team

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Dear Library Patrons, As the year comes to an end, I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season and much joy in the New Year. I hope that we at the Upper Dublin Public Library have met (or exceeded!) your expectations in service this year through the collections, programs and staff

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