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Photo of Miss Jenn and Miss Molly, UDPL librarians

Miss Molly: Hello! Miss Jenn and I decided to blog together today! Miss Jenn: Yep!! Miss Molly: We are so excited that Monday is the first day of Summer Reading Club 2017! Miss Jenn: And we are getting ready to welcome Elephant and Piggie on Friday for our Kick-Off Party! Miss Molly: We're not just talking about READING Elephant and Piggie

The Anti-Blogging Blog

When I opened Kay's email this morning with the subject line “So...it's your week to blog” to read “Nag, nag.” my shoulders slumped and I inwardly sighed. I am not inspired to write ANYTHING! I could write about Ian McEwan’s latest novel Nutshell that I recently listened to on a Playaway. A Shakespearean like tale of murder and

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Updated! We're repeating our Cutting the Cable Cord presentation on Monday, 6/12 in the Main Meeting Room Wow! Our Cutting the Cable Cord class was super popular last night! If you missed it, don't worry. We're going to do a "Cutting the Cable Cord-the Overflow" class within the next month.  Watch our enews and or our Adult Programs

Prepare for Takeoff!

a picture of Jack

A baby’s young life can be full of milestones – first smile, first tooth, first solid food, first word and so on! You parents can perhaps relate.  I wonder if any “first” is celebrated or rejoiced over as much as baby’s first steps – unaided that is.  I’m talking about actual walking – getting from point A

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Although I'm back at UDPL this week, I was out on vacation for the first two weeks of May. The first thing everyone asked was, "Oh! Where are you going?" and I always answered honestly: my porch. Seriously, as a vacation destination, my porch is perfect: the travel time is negligible, the temperature is perfect, the beds

Jenn, our children's librarian

I haven’t written about books in a while so I thought I’d share some of my favorite books that have come out this year. I read quite a wide variety of books, but this year I’m trying to focus on reading more middle grade fiction (written for children in 3rd-5th grade) with a few teen titles thrown

Molly, our teen librarian

It is, as always, my pleasure and honor to acknowledge UDPL’s Teen Volunteers of the Year. This year’s recipients are especially close to my heart because they are part of the first group of students I’ve been able to watch throughout their entire high school career.  May 1st will be the four year anniversary of Cheri offering


Kathy, our cataloger in a Read poster

Growing up in the ‘60s, my sister’s friend’s mother was basically blind. She listened to books on tape from the Library for the Blind. I always associated talking books with being blind. Fast forward 30 years, in the 90s, my niece and brother sent me back to PA with two books on cassette (YaYa Sisterhood and bk 2

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One of the things that being a Librarian for *mumble, mumble* years has done for me is made me pretty wince-proof. I've helped people find their favorite brand of underwear. I've found resources to help people with practically every financial and medical problem out there. If you have an embarrassing problem, I can probably help you find

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So what does soldering and travel expert Rick Steves have in common? As far as I know, nothing, except that in the last few days, they’ve been a part of my library work day. Working every day in the library brings new surprises (both good and bad), and no two days really ever look alike. This is the