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Beach reading time is almost here: Saint’s Gate by Carla Neggers

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saint's-gate“She glanced down at his boat, still hung up on the rocks. “Don’t tell me you’re an average, everyday lobsterman, because you’re not. What’s your interest in what happened here?”
“Maybe it’s you?”
“You’re checking me out? Last night, too?”
And she knew.
“You’re FBI.” She sighed. “You could have said so.”
He grinned at her. “No fun in that.”

Emma Sharpe is an FBI agent with a past: she used to be a nun with the Sisters of the Joyful Heart in Maine. When one of the sisters call with an urgent issue, she takes some time to visit home, and promptly gets involved in a murder…

Colin Donovan is also a man with a past, but his includes homicidal Russians and a job as a deep undercover FBI agent. When he is asked by an old friend to look into a murder near his home town, he finds Emma. His job doesn’t allow for attraction to a fellow agent, but the heart doesn’t always like to listen to the rules.

This book is interesting for several reasons: firstly, the sequels are about Emma and Colin as well which means that, unlike most suspense/romances where you have to be content with only one book, you can really get to know Emma and Colin and watch their romance unfold. Secondly, it’s relatively “clean”. (If sex scenes are not your thing, Saint’s Gate is relatively safe for you.) Thirdly, the secondary characters are fabulous. All in all, Saint’s Gate is a perfect beach read: easy to read, entertaining and enthralling!