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The Anti-Blogging Blog

When I opened Kay's email this morning with the subject line “So...it's your week to blog” to read “Nag, nag.” my shoulders slumped and I inwardly sighed. I am not inspired to write ANYTHING! I could write about Ian McEwan’s latest novel Nutshell that I recently listened to on a Playaway. A Shakespearean like tale of murder and

As David Lynch once said “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” Espresso, Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Café con leche, Macchiato or Mocha. However it’s made or in whatever manifestation - I’ll take it! Coffee is by far my beverage of choice. What inspired me to extoll my adoration of the Coffea Arabica plant?

This Golden Rules

Dread. That was the feeling I had when I saw the reminder email that it was my turn to blog this week. I don’t mind blogging when I’m inspired but this week I wasn’t feeling so inspired. That is until I woke up today and realized it’s my Golden Retriever Winston’s 2nd birthday. I know I know.

I grew up in Florida with a sea full of sharks & dolphin. Yards full of snakes, spiders and alligators. I’ve lived in the tropics with giant millipedes longer than your arm and lizards as large as lawn chairs. But I have never seen the elusive American hummingbird. I've planted everything they love – bee balm, crocosmia, red hot

Who doesn’t love summer? Vacations, beaches, watermelon, long nights and languid mornings. For me summer is all about books: new hardbacks, sandy paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks in all shapes and sizes. During my recent vacation I read “Under the Harrow” by Flynn Berry, a British physiological thriller that was entertaining if you liked “The Girl on the Train”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve worked at the library for almost 10 years and I only just NOW started using Overdrive, our digital collection of downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks. I had successfully avoided it with such excuses as - I didn’t have an eReader (until a year ago); I thought the

The Irreverent Smoothie

With the dawning of a New Year one makes all sorts of proclamations after the indulgences of the holidays. You might have been good up till now, or like me, could have promised yourself no booze, sweets or gluten for ALL of January, but a glass of red wine here or a Thin Mint there led to

I am still reeling from waking up at 4:00 a.m. today and seeing my Facebook feed full of European news agencies reporting on the death of David Bowie at the age of 69 from cancer. All the more shocking as he had kept his battle private and only turned 69 two days ago – an event marked

The glossy tome otherwise known as the Neiman Marcus' Christmas Book arrived in my mail box earlier this month. For those of you who don't know Neiman Marcus is famous for outlandishly expensive one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. I mean who doesn't want a $90,000 ride for you and 5 friends 100,000 above the earth in a "luxury pressurized

The Bearded Blog

I am about to show my age. Here goes…. What is up with beards these days? I just don't get it. Seemingly attractive young men are sporting giant, bushy lumber jack beards. Some dandy them up with oils, constant coiffing and even adornments. Did it start with the ball players with their facial hair last seen on

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