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All Good Things….

On my weekly radio show I occasionally play a song titled “So Long, It’s Been to Good to Know You.” Lately, I can’t seem to get that tune out of my head. Can you tell yet where this is going? I want to tell you how GREAT it’s been to know you because I’m about ready to pull my last hold, shelve my last book, process my last library card application, and say Thank You to my last library patron for being so nice. In short, I am about ready to say goodbye.

Thirteen years ago, Public Services Librarian Marcia Chou (RIP, dear Marcia) recommended me for a job at UDPL following my interview. Next, Library Director Cheri Fiory, knowing better than to say no to Marcia, welcomed me aboard. Thank you, Cheri. You offered me the best “retirement” job (after my career in public schools) I could ever have hoped for. It has been an honor working with you and the incredible staff you have assembled to make UDPL an exemplary public library.

Thanks to those I worked with, past and present, and those, I worked for. How lucky was I to claim friendship with many on both sides of the circulation desk. With our patrons I prided myself on being able to remember more than a few first names, a gift I acquired, I think, because as a school librarian, I tried to memorize every student’s name in the school of maybe 350 (well, at least above kindergarten anyway).

After twelve memorable years at 805 Loch Alsh Ave., I thought I was ready to go, but I am so glad I stuck around to help “break in” the new library at 520 Virginia Drive. Who could ever have imagined the events that have swirled around the move from 805 to 520? The double whammy of a deadly pandemic and a devastating tornado created challenges undreamt of just two years ago. And though peoples’ needs and concerns cut far more deeply than a library’s ability to solve these problems, this library continues to adapt and adjust to help its patrons in a compassionate, helpful, and results-producing way. The people connected with this library, both staff and the Friends, strive to serve our community in ways that strengthen and bind the community. I urge our patrons to “check out” the new library, a library with so much to offer in many different ways. It is a treasure. I encourage you to see for yourself.

I hope I’ll see some of you during the month of December. I work every Tuesday until 1:00. Tuesday 12/28 will be my last day. Ooooh, so bittersweet…. “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” It really is.

Finally, I can’t miss my last chance to gain a few new listeners to my radio show! Here’s the shameless plug. I hope you’ll listen anytime to “Swing’s the Thing” every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00. Then, after three hours of Big Band and Swing music, I get to play a half hour of Rock & Roll from 6:00 to 6:30. You can join the musical fun on 89.3 FM WRDV, a non-profit, community radio station. For superior reception, catch the show and the station on the internet at wrdv.org. Always feel free to call in a song request or chat (off air of course, while a song is playing- 215-674-8002). It would be a treat for me to keep in touch.

Best wishes always and now on to a new chapter.

Jack McAvoy


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