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Adventures in DVD ordering

Kathy, our cataloger in a Read poster
The cover of Fortitude, the First Season

Hey…it’s a series we can get!

I was going to tell you my secret to making a red light turn green.

But then I remembered another issue….why the library is not able to purchase certain television series on DVD.

I have received requests to purchase the series: The Crown with Claire Foy (a Netflix original). Ever since I saw it so many months ago, I thought this would be great for the library. I check my vendor, it’s not there. I check Amazon, it’s not there.

Finally, I *called* Netflix. It seems that Netflix had the rights for the streaming, the company that helped them has the rights to the DVD. She said even their customers that have the DVD subscription cannot see it. But good news it just became available and I have ordered 2 copies for the library. It became available right after the Emmys.

If you put in a request for purchase of an Amazon Original (Transparent, One Mississippi, Last Tycoon, Bosch, Man in the High Castle and more) these will only be available via Amazon Prime.

But then an Amazon original Fortitude is available. They are mocking me.

There is also the Hulu Originals (Handmaid’s Tale with Elisabeth Moss). As of this writing it is not yet available. Please note, there is bibliographic record in Polaris (our online “card” catalog) for a movie The Handmaid’s Tale. It came out in 1990 and stars Faye Dunaway. If you want the series Hulu Original 2017 Emmy Winner…..this is NOT that.

Then of course for all the Star Trek fans, CBS is putting out another franchise called Star Trek: Discovery. This was created for CBS All Access (CBS’s paid for app). I haven’t had cable TV for years, so I don’t know if it is available on TV at all. Is it?

Now I see “Acorn Original”.

My head hurts….do you want to know how to turn a red light green?

This only works if the light has been red for a little bit. Either:

  1. Reach for your cell phone to unlock to either call someone or listen to an audio book
    OR (and I don’t suggest you do this as it could be dangerous:
  2. Put on hand lotion. (this I do when the light has just turned red as my hands become slippery)