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JacketScene: Kay’s home
Time: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Kay (to her long-suffering husband Bryan): Have you read the latest Girl Genius?
Bryan: Noo…
Bryan: Uhhh…
Kay (shoving a tablet in front of his face): Read it now!

If you like science fiction, fantasy, steampunk OR romance, you can’t go wrong with my (and my husband’s) favorite web comic (http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/index.php) and graphic novel, Girl Genius (YA GN Fogli.P Girl).

Girl Genius is a spectacular story in the vein of the old Jules Verne novels set in quasi-Victorian Europe. In a world with ultra-powerful sparks–mad scientists who can break the laws of physics–Agatha grew up thinking that she was hopelessly inept. However, when the ruling Wulfenbach family comes to visit her town, chaos breaks out and it seems that our mad scientist has a bit of “mad” in her after all!

Besides being a really great story with fabulous characters and a wacky sense of humor, Girl Genius is beautifully drawn and colored. Each page is a pleasure to look at and the Foglio’s often put little jokes in the background. You can get the whole thing for free at their web site http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/index.php or check out the first 2 graphic novel volumes from the library.