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32 Years of Summer at UDPL!

Molly Kane, Head of Teen Services and Emerging Technologies

Today is the last day of classes for all grade levels of Upper Dublin School District students. I was in the children’s area earlier this morning and ran into a family who is in the library on a weekly basis.

“Dennis!” I said. “Do you realize that you woke up this morning as a first grader and now you’re a second grader?”

He solemnly nodded his head and went back to his book.

Later I was having a conversation with a teen volunteer who is getting ready to start his THIRD straight summer of working at UDPL, and realized that as a rising senior, he’ll only be hanging out in the library for another twelve months before he leaves for college.

And when I went to George’s for lunch (because Friday is Sidewinder Fries day and who doesn’t love that?!) there were bunches of gleeful elementary students picking up celebratory snacks and water ice because it is OFFICIALLY Summer Vacation!

And when Monday, 6/17/19 finally comes, it will bring with it the beginning of UDPL’s Summer Quest!

This will be my seventh summer at UDPL, but there have been many more before it. Cheri and I were looking at our digital photo archive yesterday and marveling that how much has changed but still how much has stayed the same. For example…

1987 photo of students participating in Science in the Summer

UDPL is still a hosting site for GSK’s Science in the Summer, just like it was in this photo from 1987!


1994 photo of a large group of families at a summer concert

And we’re still hosting exciting entertainers, just like we were in 1994!


2010 library staff members in their summer tshirts

UDPL Staff can still be seen wearing their summer themed t-shirts just like they did in 2010. (And I *think* Mr. Jack may still wear that very shirt from time to time!)


2018 Star Wars stormtrooper reads a book in the library

And although we won’t have any Stormtroopers visiting UDPL this summer like they did in 2019, we will have lots of excitement and adventure for readers of all ages!

Who knows what kind of memories we’ll make this year? I just hope that if you’re reading this, you stop by so that you can be part of them! Here’s to a fantastic summer from your friendly, neighborhood library staff at UDPL!